Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Use of the Bodegas Bentomiz online reservation system and/or contact email system implies knowledge and acceptance of the follow Terms and Conditions.

Bodegas Bentomiz reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions. Amendments will apply to all reservations made once the amended terms are published on the website www.bodegasbentomiz.com.

Contact information

The information required to make a reservation is obtained in order to process the reservation, communicate with the customer as and where necessary and to improve our services and marketing. All submitted data is managed according to our Privacy Policy; please reference this for further details.


Reservations are required to guarantee access to the services offered by Bodegas Bentomiz. Visitors who come without a reservation may be turned away.

Reservations are complete once they have been confirmed by email. In cases where confirmation has not been received it is the responsibility of clients to send an email enquiry to reservas@bodegasbentomiz.com asking for their reservation to be confirmed.

Reservation Payments

Reservations for Tour and tasting (for clients who are not lunching) with or without tasting platter is prepaid through the booking system.

Reservation for lunch, booked with or without other services, requires a deposit of 25€ per person lunching. This deposit is deducted from the client’s final bill at the end of their visit to the winery.

Payment may be made by secure credit or debit card transaction or through a Paypal account. All transactions are effected in Euros.

Booking Postponements and Cancellations

Clients may postpone bookings by emailing reservas@bodegasbentomiz.com or sending a message via WhatsApp to +34 633 949 831, to request the postponement and confirm availability for the new date no less than 36 hours prior to the date of the original booking. Bodegas Bentomiz retains the right to refuse to grant a requested postponement.

Clients may cancel bookings by emailing reservas@bodegasbentomiz.com or sending a message via WhatsApp to +34 633 949 831, to communicate their cancellation. Except for large parties (16+ clients) if cancellations are made more than 36 hours before the reservation date deposits or prepayments will be refunded by arrangement: the refund should be requested in writing in the cancellation email or message. Approved refunds are normally processed within one week of the request.

For cancellations less than 36 hours before the reservation the booking may be postponed to a later date at the client’s request and at the discretion of Bodegas Bentomiz. The deposit will be kept by Bodegas Bentomiz but deducted from the client’s bill on the new date. The postponement cannot exceed 1 calendar year after the date of the original booking.

Deposits paid for any bookings that are cancelled 24 hours or less from the date of the reservation, where no postponement is requested and agreed, will not be refunded.

For bookings for larger groups of 16 or more clients full or partial cancellation may be effected without charge if it takes place 7 days or more before the date of the reservation. If it is within 7 days of the booking and more than 4 persons in the party cancel Bodegas Bentomiz SL reserves the right to retain the deposit applicable to those persons.

Bodegas Bentomiz S.L. may cancel services and/or events, where unforeseen circumstances make this necessary. Clients with reservations for events or services that have to be cancelled will be informed of the cancellation as soon as possible, and their deposits refunded by arrangement.

Client Behaviour

All visitors to Bodegas Bentomiz are expected to treat other visitors and all members of staff with respect. Abusive behaviour, including the use of offensive language such as swearing or racist, sexist, or homophobic language and threats or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Bodegas Bentomiz reserves the right to eject any visitor exhibiting behaviour that is judged by Bodegas Bentomiz staff to be abusive from the premises. Clients who are ejected due to abusive behaviour will not receive a refund of any deposit they have paid. Clients that become abusive after having received full or partial services from Bodegas Bentomiz will be required to pay for those services in full prior to being ejected from the premises.

Services Provided

The services provided by Bodegas Bentomiz are as described on the Bodegas Bentomiz website at www.bodegasbentomiz.com. Clients who are delayed should contact Bodegas Bentomiz by WhatsApp, phone or email. The client is responsible for arriving at the given start time of the service booked; late arrival may mean that the client misses some part of the service, for which they will be charged.

Special Food Requirements

Bodegas Bentomiz S.L. must be informed of special food requirements, allergies or intolerances. Provision of accurate information in regard to such requirements due to allergy or lifestyle choice is the responsibility of the client. When provided with the relevant details Bodegas Bentomiz S.L. will adapt menus as necessary to exclude allergens for individual clients from the dishes served.


The welfare and care of children visiting with clients is the sole responsibility of the clients who accompany them. Children accompanying clients on a Tours and Tastings are not charged for the tour and, during the tasting, are only charged for drinks or food items ordered on their behalf.

Disabled Visitors

Bodegas Bentomiz has a stair-lift for wheelchair users and others with mobility issues, and toilet facilities adapted for wheelchair users. Clients should inform Bodegas Bentomiz when making their booking of relevant disabilities. Bodegas Bentomiz wishes to welcome disabled guests where possible but does not guarantee provision of the service in all circumstances.