Our Wines

We produce the Ariyanas wines. Like our winery name Bentomiz, which comes from the old castle on the mountain top opposite the winery, Ariyanas is a place name. It derives from the name of a Moorish hamlet that stood beside our vineyard before the Reconquest. The word comes from the Arabic for “aromatic” – very appropriate since our wines are aromatic.

Our grapes include the well-known Moscatel de Alejandría, and the rare Romé, the indigenous red grape of the Axarquía region. With 80 to 100-year-old bush vines thriving in our slate soils the quality of the fruit is exceptional.

Ariyanas Romé Rosado

A beautiful pale pink rosé of a rare grape variety. Its scent is reminiscent of richly perfumed flowers such as orange blossom or roses, and red fruits. In the mouth, it’s velvety, delicately dry, with a salty mineral finish.

Ariyanas Seco Sobre Lías Finas

This muscat is a dry, very aromatic white wine with scents of white flowers, fresh grapes, crisp grapefruit and minerals that are typical of the Axarquía region. It’s full and tasty yet dry, well structured with good acidity and exceptionally long aftertaste.

Ariyanas Tinto Petit Verdot

A dark crimson, fragrant red wine. Expressive aromas with hints of roses, wild pepper and leather. In the mouth, firm tannins combined with delicate, wonderful fruit and spicy hints. A vivid wine with bold character.

Ariyanas Naturalmente Dulce

An elegant sweet muscat: fresh and mineral. Perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. To be served as an aperitif or to accompany fruity desserts of mandarin or orange, apricot, peach, passion fruit or pineapple.

Ariyanas Terruño Pizarroso

Concentrated honeyed sweetness, developing a whole range of exotic sensations in the mouth. A long lasting delicious aftertaste. To be served with foie gras and patés, blue cheeses and tropical fruit desserts.

Ariyanas David Tinto Dulce

Merlot. Lovely aroma of pure blackcurrant. The right balance between sweetness, acidity and the tannins is fundamental in this wine. Perfect as an aperitif, with chocolate and fruit desserts, or paired with game dishes and meats.

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