Ariyanas Romé Rosado (present and former vintages)

A very special rosé because of its aromatic character and sensational taste. Flowers, cherries, grapefruit, and crisp, with a touch of minerality. A tasty fullness in the mouth maintains this harmony and leads to a long, complete finish.

MiVino 246, “In Search of Lost Grapes”, 06.2019

Very pretty floral-scented citrus-flavoured rosé with delicious hints of spice, creamy with minerally length, and an attractive bitter twist to the finish. With its wonderful natural acidity it is as fresh and  lively as any warm climate rosé. One of the best Spanish rosés I have tasted – and certainly the best from Andalusia.

Rose Murray Brown MW, published and in The Scotsman 03.2017

I like rosés that speak quietly and develop subtlety in the bottle. Ariyanas Romé is one of these. Iron and maquis, heather and slate: austere and radical aromas are the first to speak, those of the earth and its favourite grape. With patience, dried roses and the fruit of the early morning, jazmines and violets with the new moon, wild strawberries and a distant memory of the salty blue sea. The night comes, whispering a treasure of freshness. These fragrances are also those of the whitewashed courtyard in spring, geraniums and orange trees in bloom.

Joan Gómez Pallarés publicado en El País 08.2016, art. Un Mar de Pizarra y Flores

Andrew Halliwell, published Spanish Wine Snapshot, 02.2018

The Wines

The Bentomiz wines are diverse but there is a common elegance and restraint. Clara and Andre confessed to being Burgundy, Loire and Riesling lovers. Perhaps this influenced their thinking, despite making wine at the opposite end of the continent.

Golden colour, with quite an intense Muscatel nose. The palate is concentrated, packed full of manderins and honey but also showing an agreeable savoury twist. Despite the opulence, this wine is very driven and quite tight, so not at all cloying, nor OTT. Great wine, very well made: Clara’s attention to detail shines through.

Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2015

Ariyanas Terruño Pizarroso ’08  96 puntos

Oro viejo. Complejo e intense, aromas de fruta compotada y pasificada, naranja escarchada, finos hidrocarburos, mentoles, flor de azahar, puntas cítricas y notas melosas. Sabroso, graso, de gran equilibrio entre dulzor y acidez, notas de melocotón y pera en almíbar, mielados, monte bajo, flores silvestres, balsámicos, cera de panal… Largo y persistente final.  

Ariyanas Terruño Pizarroso won the Sabor a Málaga competition as the best sweet muscat wine, assessed in a blind tasting. Judge José Peñín on twitter, 19.11.2013  

The best-rated wines of Málaga were the moscatels from slaty soils (pizarrosos). Complex, succulent.