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Rediscovering Malaga

Enterprising Dutch couple Clara Verheij and André Both of Bodegas Bentomiz have worked hard to create one of southern Spain’s most successful wine ranges – with delicate whites, reds, rosé, dry and sweet.


Very pretty floral-scented citrus-flavoured rosé with delicious hints of spice, creamy with minerally length, and an attractive bitter twist to the finish. With its wonderful natural acidity it is as fresh and lively as any warm climate rosé. One of the best Spanish rosés I have tasted – and certainly the best from Andalusia.


Made from handpicked Moscatel grapes which have been dried on mats. Fabulous melon and honey aromas with a hint of spice, floral undertones, gentle sweetness and dry finish. Such delicacy and freshness is rare in this style of wine. Serve with mandarin or orange sorbet or mango mousse.

Hervé Lalau, published 18.02.2018

Haydn & Malaga

…And the Rapport with a Malaga wine?  

One Malaga wine seems to answer…:

Ariyanas Naturalmente Dulce Moscatel. Here is no dissonance, no roughness, but thanks to the pure state of fluidity; beautiful impressions, the sweetness of life. The fullness of the juice of the sun that warms the mouth and heart, with just a hint of salt and melancholy – Yes, the glass is already empty. Soon, a new sip of this nectar!

Andrew Halliwell, published Spanish Wine Snapshot, 02.2018

The Wines

The Bentomiz wines are diverse but there is a common elegance and restraint. Clara and Andre confessed to being Burgundy, Loire and Riesling lovers. Perhaps this influenced their thinking, despite making wine at the opposite end of the continent.

Golden colour, with quite an intense Muscatel nose. The palate is concentrated, packed full of manderins and honey but also showing an agreeable savoury twist. Despite the opulence, this wine is very driven and quite tight, so not at all cloying, nor OTT. Great wine, very well made: Clara’s attention to detail shines through.

Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2015

Ariyanas Terruño Pizarroso ’08  96 puntos

Oro viejo. Complejo e intense, aromas de fruta compotada y pasificada, naranja escarchada, finos hidrocarburos, mentoles, flor de azahar, puntas cítricas y notas melosas. Sabroso, graso, de gran equilibrio entre dulzor y acidez, notas de melocotón y pera en almíbar, mielados, monte bajo, flores silvestres, balsámicos, cera de panal… Largo y persistente final.  

Ariyanas Terruño Pizarroso won the Sabor a Málaga competition as the best sweet muscat wine, assessed in a blind tasting. Judge José Peñín on twitter, 19.11.2013  

The best-rated wines of Málaga were the moscatels from slaty soils (pizarrosos). Complex, succulent.