Articles about Bodegas Bentomiz have been published in many different publications – and many different languages. In 2023, for example, there were references and articles in publications such as the German magazine Falstaff, British magazine Decanter and Spanish magazine MiVino.

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For wine reviews see the extracts below and notes of some of the prizes received.

Ariyanas Romé Rosado

Romé Rosado 2018. This rosé, made from the Romé variety, is perfect for those who don’t want to miss out on discovery and the exotic. A very special rosé because of its aromatic character and sensational taste. Flowers, cherries, grapefruit, and crispness, with a touch of minerality. A tasty fullness in the mouth maintains this harmony and leads to a long, complete finish., “15 Wines to Celebrate the End of Lockdown” 06.2020

Romé Rosado 2017. A very special rosé because of its aromatic character and sensational taste. Flowers, cherries, grapefruit, and crispness, with a touch of minerality. A tasty fullness in the mouth maintains this harmony and leads to a long, complete finish.
MiVino246, “In Search of Lost Grapes” 06.2020

Romé Rosado 2016. Golden aromas of yellow plums and a hint of spice but still the memory of red fruits also on the palate. Finely tannic, dry, fresh, mature for sure but ageing well, the aftertaste now with lingering notes of dried grasses and bitter orange. Score: 17/20.
Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, Review by Julia Harding MW, 01.2024

Romé Rosado 2015. Very pretty floral-scented citrus-flavoured rosé with delicious hints of spice, creamy with minerally length, and an attractive bitter twist to the finish. With its wonderful natural acidity it is as fresh and  lively as any warm climate rosé. One of the best Spanish rosés I have tasted – and certainly the best from Andalusia.
Rose Murray Brown MW, The Scotsman, 03.2017

Romé Rosado 2013. I like rosés that speak quietly and develop subtlety in the bottle. Ariyanas Romé is one of these. Iron and maquis, heather and slate: austere and radical aromas are the first to speak, those of the earth and its favourite grape. With patience, dried roses and the fruit of the early morning, jazmines and violets with the new moon, wild strawberries and a distant memory of the salty blue sea. The night comes, whispering a treasure of freshness. These fragrances are also those of the whitewashed courtyard in spring, geraniums and orange trees in bloom.
Joan Gómez Pallarés, El País, “Un Mar de Pizarra y Flores” 08.2016

Ariyanas Seco Sobre Lías Finas

  • Served on the tasting menus of El Celler de Can Roca since 2011
  • 94 points, Guía de Vinos 2021 – 100 Vinos que No Te Pierdes Perder.
  • Winner, Sabor a Málaga 2016 Competition (blind tasting): best dry muscat wine of the province.

Seco 2022. 18/20. Very pale gold with a green glint. Instense gold aroma of ripe fresh, fresh cedarwood and wild herbs/grasses all enmeshed in this come-hither creamy-richness from the lees. Just a hint of spice and something vanilla-like even though there’s an oak influence. Over all that is a light floral note. Real concentration on the palate with all those flavours and more: apricot, quince, highly aromatic, and full-flavoured at such a modest alcohol level. That floral note is very subtle, as is the light grapiness on the finish. Dry, mouth-watering and complex for such a young wine.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 01.2024

Seco 2017. 17.5 points out of 20. Definite stony/slaty aroma that’s comples, incorporating a grapey, floral note from the variety as well as ripe pear with that leesy character but also crisp citrus/grapefruit and the merest hint of orange blossom. Super fragrant but, thanks to the combination of mineral stoniness and lees creamy notes, very complex. On the palate it is that rich leesy character that gives power, length and weight, but it is backed by intense scent on the mid-palate. One of the best dry moscatels I have tasted and consistently so over the vintages. It should be extremely versatile with food.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 06.2018

Seco 2015. 92 points. Golden colour with intense Muscatel nose. Notably intense scents: aromas of lichis, apricots, lemon blossom, with citric notes, cereals, breadcrumbs and balsamic hints. Very fresh, tasty with sensations of peach, loquat, red grapefruit, elderflower and camomile.
Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2018

Seco 2014. Golden colour with an intense Muscatel nose. The palate is concentrated, packed full of manderins and honey but also showing an agreeable savoury twist. Despite the opulence, this wine is very driven and quite tight, so not at all cloying, nor OTT. Great wine, very well made: Clara’s attention to detail shines through.
Andrew Halliwell, Spanish Wine Snapshot, 02.2017

Ariyanas Tinto

  • Guía de Vinos Gourmet 2013: 92 points
  • ABC Summer wines selection 2013: The only Andalusian wine listed
  • Guía de Vinos Gourmet 2011: 91 points

Tinto 2019. 93 points. This may be the best young wine I have tasted all year. I can’t exactly say why, but I revelled in it. It has character, personality, lots of fruit of every type. Exquisite.
ABC Guía de Vino 2021

Tinto 2020. Deep carnet with soft, smudgy rim. Ripe-fruited and sweet on the nose, with aromas of mature red and black fruit and black fruit (fresh and dried), oak spice and sweet leather. Thickly tannic texture, leathery, not astringent. Firm and smooth. Could do with a little more freshness and a little less oak for my palate. Chewy and more savoury on the finish so that the aftertaste is more savoury than sweet fruited.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 02.2024

Tinto 2013. In the nose mature black fruit with balsamic notes, black truffles, mushroom, damp earth, slate and aniseed. In the mouth, lots of character in the attack, with noble sweet tannins and just enough acidity. Very deep and long on the palate, reminiscent of ripe fruits.
Cristina de la Calle, Sumiller, 04.2020

Tinto Petit Verdot, 2015. Rose Petals and pepper might sound like an odd combination in the aroma but it works well in this deep-coloured, well-structured, voluptuously fruity red, softened with 6 months in French oak.
Rose Murray Brown MW, The Scotsman, 03.2017

Ariyanas Naturalmente Dulce

  • The Spanish Wine-Writers and Journalists Association found Ariyanas Naturalmente Dulce 2012 to be the Best Sweet Wine of 2019.
  • Winner: Sabor a Malaga competition 2020 (blind tasting): Naturalmente Dulce 2018, best sweet muscat wine of the province.

Naturalmente Dulce 2018. 97 points. Old gold. Complex in the nose, aromas of dried apricots, quince, grapes, honey, pear in syrup, toasted nuts, menthol, aromatic herbs. Unctuous in its attack, excellent balance between sweetness and acidity, silky and fluid, with a long finish where the sensations of the nasal passage reappear. Subtle.
Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2021

Naturalmente Dulce 2018. Moscatel from the hills above sunny Málaga. Old vines, refreshed by the altitude, the grapes partly sun-dried to give natural sweetness. Silky with bitter orange, caramel & lime conserve.
Sarah Jane Evans MW, Decanter Spanish Supplement, 11.2019

Naturalmente Dulce 2012. Organic Moscatel de Alejandría. Sweet apricots doused in honey. The palate is sweet but not cloying thanks to a minerally streak of acidity. A deliciously unique wine.
Simon Reilly, Decanter, “The Great Disruptors”, 11.2019

Naturalmente Dulce 2008. 17 points out of 20. Mid-gold. Gloriously intense aroma of reduced apricots, bitter orange & sharp quince, and just a slight grapey note. Pure, complex and long with spice on the finish. Manages to retain freshness even though it is very sweet and rather viscous.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 06.2018

Ariyanas Terruño Pizarroso

  • Sabor a Malaga. 2013 competition, Terruño Pizarroso 2008, best sweet muscat wine of Málaga.
    Sabor a Malaga. 2023 competition, Terruño Pizarroso 2021, best sweet muscat wine of Málaga.
  • Excellence award, Iberwine, 2012 – best wine of the competition.

Terruño Pizarroso 2021. 18/20 points. Deep amber gold, Even more intense and complex then the Naturalmente Dulce. It has all that intense, ripe apricot, golden raisin flavour plus a hint of bitter orange, plus a hint of bitter orange, plus another layer from the oak, more spicy, broader, very slightly caramelized fruit. Rich, deep, long with terrific acidity for such a sweet wine. Fills the mouth with rich, sweet, lightly honeyed fruit. Perfect balance and great length and likely to age long and well.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 02.2024

Terruño Pizarroso 2016. 94 points. Amber. Intense, aromatic, fine hints of fruit in syrup (lichis, peach, pineapple), honeyed notes, floral (orange blossom and jasmine), moist earth, frosted orange peel and bay leaf. Juicy. Balanced between sweetness and acidity, remarkable structure, enveloping mid palate and persistent finish.
Club de Gourmets, 02.2021

93 points. Intense gold. Complex, aromatic. Memories of loquat, mature pineapple, syrups, beeswax, honeycomb, white pepper and balsamics. Tasty, full, balanced. Sensations of stone fruit, jazmin, almonds and slate. Notably mineral character.
Guía de Vinos Gourmets 2020

93 points. Juicy, glyceric, with sweet freshness, exquisite elegance and a Mediterranean spirit.
El País 03.2019

Terruño Pizarroso 2009. 18.5 points out of 20. Pale gold. Fabulously inviting golden aroma of spice, ripe apricot, bitter and caramelised oranges. The texture is rich and viscous but beautifully balanced by intense freshness that is unusual with Moscatel. Still tastes remarkably young and the oak is very much a support, adding spice and something almost savoury, to the gloriously sweet fruit intensity—but totally    subservient to the fruit. Stunning depth and length and complexity.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 01.2017

Ariyanas David Tinto Dulce

David Tinto Dulce 2022. 17/20 points. Deep crimson. Vibrant, fresh aromas of dark-red fruit, extremely pure and inviting, with a slight leafy/herby lift. On the palate sweet, juicy, only very slightly tannic, so there is just the right amount of grip. Delicious and persistent.
Julia Harding M.W. 2024

David Tinto Dulce 2018. 93 points. It would be perfect to accompany a blackberry Macedonia or any chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa. The anticipation is the difference with this wine: You are already enjoying it before you drink.
ABC Guía de Vino 2021

It isn’t easy to discover the sweetness of youth in a wine; less so when that sweetness and delicacy is contradicted by the depth and maturity that only years can achieve – for a wines, as well as for a person. Ariyanas David takes its name from a child but its soul becomes greater, year by year, without ever losing the innocence with which it came into being.

Martson, 07.2019

I pick up ripe strawberries and chocolate on the nose. Some velvety black fruits on the palate already showing some development and reasonably sweet. An unusual but appealing soft fruity red, to pair with chocolate and cheeses.

Andrew Halliwell, Spanish Wine Snapshot , 02.2016


Insensly aromatic with an impression of golden flavours, ripe golden grapes, yellow plums and a hint of something more floral and exotic. Full-flavoured, medium-bodied, spicy and golden on the palate… just enough acidity to balance. As long as well chilled would make a good aperitif.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 01.2024

A pale white wine with scents of halved pear, lichis, peach, melon, and notes of butter and jazmin. Young and clean. In the mouth dry with medium acidity. A wine to enjoy with fish.

Javier Azcona,, 12.2020


A torrent of red fruit, alive and fresh, emanates from the glass bringing the wisdom of old vines awakened by the sun.

Mario Caravadossi, , 02.2021

Lobban Bentomiz edición limitada

Very frothy with big bubbles. Vibrant, tangy cistrus and pear aromas, fruity and open. Tasts dry…simple mousse but attractive flavours. Plenty of fruit as well as light, creamy/yeasty character. Mouth-filling and persistent and finishes fresh.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 02.2024

Wines that almost reaches perfection, wines whose essence contains the passionate work of the winemakers, that contain a landscape; wines that everyone should enjoy.
Akatavino, 10 Best Sparkling Wines in Spain 2023
Lobban Bentomiz edición limitada: 96 points, 2nd best sparkling wine of Spain 2023

Lobban Bentomiz Rosé

Openly aromatic with red fruits (orange-skinned plum) and a hint of citrus-orange/apricot. The aromas are extremely inviting and smells almost sweet… event though it tastes and is dry. A fine and persistent mousse with good balance between generous fruit and crisp acidity. Intensely flavoured with a long fruit. Dry enough for food but with the fruit depth to be enjoyed on its own. Long, succulent, finely textured finish.
Julia Harding MW, Jancis Robinson’s Purple Pages, 02.2024