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Jazz-Flamenco Fusion

La Bejazz


La Bejazz perform at Bodegas Bentomiz on 22nd of July.

This 5-piece group from Seville have developed a wonderful "Jazz-Flamenco fusion" that has brought them critical acclaim as well as an enthusiastic response from the public. It is a form pays homage to music with traditional roots, while celebrating innovation and creativity. 

This emotive and unusual music has seen them invited to play around the world - and this year they played in the Pakistani cities of Islamabad and Karachi, having been invited to perform there in a cultural exchange. 


Lead by veteran Professor of Music Javier Carmona, the band includes Melchor Chico, Pablo Carmona, Javier Carmona Bono and Pernado Parrilla. They have produced four discs, with a wonderful variety of tone. The "Fuente de Lagrimas" - Fountain of Tears - expresses and explores the beautiful melancholy within jazz, blues and flamenco music, while "Sueño Andaluz" - Andalusian Dream - is bright and fresh. 

La Bejazz 

Guests at the concert will be able to refresh themselves before the performance, during the interval and after the second set, with the Ariyanas wines - white, rosé, and red - perhaps trying the new dulce vintage - available for this special occasion. The freshly made tapas, with vegetarian and vegan options, will include dishes like Ajo Blanco; new potatoes in spicy harissa sauce; carrillada, and lamb spare ribs. 


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