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Masters of Wine rate the Ariyanas

Pedro Ballesteros M.W.



In February a number of wine specialists gathered at Restaurante Laspade in Amsterdam. This was the Dutch Guild of Sommeliers coming to taste Wines from Spain selected by Pedro Ballesteros Torres, himself. Pedro Ballesteros is a big name in the wine world - the guide "WineUp" has just named him 'person of the year' - and he is a delightful man. In addition he was, until half a year ago, Spain's only holder of the title 'Master of Wine' (there are now two!). It was pleasing, then, that among his selection for the tasting was the Ariyanas Seco Sobre Lías Finas. 


Institute of Masters of Wine


But what is a 'Master of Wine'?

The title is a professional qualification and one of the most respected in the wine world. It is awarded by the Institute of Masters of Wine, a professional body. MWs must prove their understanding of all aspects of wine, passing examinations and signing a code of conduct that requires them to act with honesty and integrity and to use every opportunity to share their knowledge with others. There are about 400 Masters of Wine worldwide today, and they are often asked to judge wine competitions, to lecture on wine courses, to advise governments and other institutions and to lead tastings , as Pedro did this month in Amsterdam. 


MW comments on Bodegas Bentomiz



Pedro is not the first Master of Wine to recognise the quality of the Ariyanas wines. In fact, we have had many wonderful reviews and comments from them.

Way back in 2011 Jancis Robinson M.W. called the Ariyanas Naturalmente Dulce "a treasure" and gave it a score of 18 points out of 20. Last year Rose Murray Brown M.W., writing for The Scotsman said of the Romé Rosado 2016 that it was "One of the best Spanish rosés I've tasted - certainly the best from Andalusia". And then Julia Harding M.W., writing on Jancis Robinson's Purple Pages gave the Ariyanas Terruño Pizarroso 18.5 points out of 20 for its "stunning depth, length and complexity". 



These three superb wine specialists give a rather British feel to our boast, but it does not stop there. Norway's Master of Wine, Merete Bø, tasting for the Norwegian wine monopoly gave the Ariyanas Petit Verdot 2015 a score of 90 points. It ranked within the top 10 out of over 500 wines tasted and was featured as one of January's Best Reds along with Merete's wonderful tasting note: 

"Fantastic expressive aroma with hints of roses,

wild pepper and leather. Firm tannins combined

with soft and wonderful fruit. A red wine out of the ordinary."

Norwegians take heed of this Master of Wine and one-time Nordic champion sommelier. The pallet of Ariyanas Petit Verdo '15 that Norwegian importer Sonnavin had just purchased sold out within two weeks and we had to ship an 'emergency supply' of 100 more boxes!

As you can see Masters of Wine appreciate the Ariyanas! We are sure that other wine lovers - qualified or not - will continue to do so. Cheers!

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