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"A Red Out of the Ordinary"


Merete Bø

Norway’s reaction to Ariyanas Tinto 2015

Norwegian Master of Wine Merete Bø, tasting for the Norwegian wine monopoly has given Ariyanas Tinto Petit Verdot 2015 – just on the market – a score of 90 points. It ranked within the top 10 out of over 500 wines tasted and was featured as one of January’s Best Reds along with Merete’s wonderful tasting note:





“Fantastic expressive aroma with hints of roses,

wild pepper and leather. Firm tannins combined

with soft and wonderful fruit.

A red wine out of the ordinary.”


 Pallet of Tinto -15

Norwegians take heed of this Master of Wine and one-time Nordic champion sommelier.  The Ariyanas Tinto Petit Verdot ’15 that Norwegian importer Sonnavin had just purchased, sold out within two weeks, and we are just shipping an ‘emergency supply’ of 100 more cases. 


 Ariyanas Tinto Petit Verdot 2015





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